Planting Native Trees on Farms

Every year, trees belonging to the original biome of the Farms Caxambu and Aracaçu are seeded on the locations. This year, 1500 trees belonging to 82 different species were planted. The trees are planted around the crops in order to create a suitable microclimate for the development of coffee plants and also to protect the plots of high temperatures, which has occurred due to several climate issues. The barriers around the plots provide a cooler microenvironment, proper ventilation and mild temperatures in the crop, which contribute to the formation of a pleasing environment and optimal conditions. Moreover, there was also the annual planting of forests aiming the formation of ecological corridors, which connect the reserved area for protection of native forest and facilitate the transit of wild animals within the Farms. The properties are granted with water springs, which reinforces the yearning for planting trees every year, since the farms are committed to preserve, care for and nourish these sources. Preserving this precious resource is expected greater abundance and higher water quality, both for the Farms and other neighboring properties. "Water care is part of an ongoing environmental project we developed, and we do this by protecting the soil and bringing a more suitable and pleasant climate condition to our plantations by planting trees. We have certainly created an environment and a much more thrive and rich nature in that piece of land that is entrusted to us - Fazenda Caxambu and Aracaçu", said Ucha.

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Workshop Team Building 2019

The Farms Caxambu and Aracaçu held the Workshop Team Building 2019, an event focused on training of personal and professional development of all who are part of the team of collaborators. The workshop took place at the Farm Ponte Negra, a space that offers an excellent structure for the realization of events and it is located in Três Pontas-MG. The whole group went to the site for two days for an intense experience of team building work in order to strengthen the spirit of unity and to improve more and more the integration between all. The Team Building had different dynamics, scavenger hunts, hard work and also a lot of joy, all conducted in an integrative way by facilitators, seeking increasingly strengthening the team of Farms staff. One of the outstanding activities was the Master Chef, in which the team was divided into groups that should share scarce ingredients for the preparation of snacks for a coffee break. A challenging activity that required a lot of creativity, indeed. "Trainings like these have structured this group of high performance, which each year seeks to become a team focused on collective results and prepared for the great challenges of a farm that commits itself to the quality management from beginning to end of the production system. I am pretty sure that, after those days, the whole group left with their values reinvigorated and with a greater sense of responsibility with each other and with the methodology of work of the Farms", said Ucha.

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Sustainable Coffee production – part II

The Farms Caxambu and Aracaçu promote specific quality monitoring, always seeking the optimum moment of grain maturation to harvest, which is made selectively in both the manual and mechanical processes. The whole team is well prepared for the drying processes, which are carried out in terraces or mechanically, quality control is constant and judicious. The storage is done properly and with due care to ensure that customers and partners are purchasing a high-quality standard product. Aiming at the consistency of delivering a legitimate product, unique and with its own identity, in our Farms we innovate and expand the portfolio of offers through new techniques, preparation methods, diversification of technologies and genetic materials. The processes of controlled and wild fermentation meet for a greater sensorial amplitude of our cups, thus meeting different tastes, wishes and aspirations of the costumers. We also study and research in partnership with Universities and Federal Institutes, receiving several trainees of different courses from these educational institutions. In the portfolio of offerings, we have diverse and differentiated coffee processing, such as Hydro-Honey, African-Honey, Black-Honey, among others. Furthermore, we have an own experimental field with more than 100 different cultivars coming from genetic research and development institutions, such as Procafé, Epamig, IAC and IAPAR, to monitor and observe the development of these plants in our own microenvironment. This action allows for better and more adequate cultivar choices for the times of renewal and genetic improvement of crops. "What guarantees sustainability in our farms is a lot of determination, cutting-edge technology and outstanding productivity. Thanks to a great work of management, consistent partnerships that we preserve with affection and professionalism, constant and permanent renewals, celebrating every moment with our team and honoring our history, the generations that are already gone, our parents and grandparents, but also looking to the future. We are sowers of our land. We planted water as well, beyond the trees and plants, and we do it with love. This gives us the position to say that we have a sustainable coffee production" said Ucha.

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Sustainable Coffee Plantation – part I

At Fazenda Caxambu and Aracaçu, all the activities are carried out in an integrated system of agroecological production, always focusing on a systemic approach that in fact takes care of and strives for balance with the environment. This approach is carried out in the management of crops, focusing on biodiversity and environmental conservation, concurrently with the coffee culture, considering and respecting the biological cycles within the properties and ensuring the well-being of employees and quality of life of all existing vital system, aiming positive results for the business as well. All monitoring, evaluation, analysis, corrections and bush management are made with the utmost rigor. Soil conservation is also essential and its coverage is made to maintain a living environment with abundant and diverse colonies of microorganisms. In these terms, the farms perform operations focused on recycling, use of organic products, also have several cares to keep the soil with erosion and care waters and springs. The rational and technical use of water is well designed in relation to consumption and reuse. Regarding agrochemicals, all the deposits are suitable for storage, there are correct locations for the preparation of the solutions, the needed products are registered and the return of the packaging is essential. Furthermore, all houses located on properties have constant improvements and have drinking water and septic tanks. The factories have water and oil separator boxes in order to conserve soil, springs and water streams. The farms constantly carry out workshops and awareness-raising activities for employees for the use of personal protective equipment. All plots have marking and monitoring of the product shortage period and re-entry into the crops. The conservation of Permanent Preservation Areas (APP, in Portuguese) is made with the utmost rigor and there are several ecological passageway structuring projects. We also have several environmental and social preservation programs, such as: • Planting of native trees, which has more than 1000 trees planted annually to form ecological barriers and ecological passageways; • "Nature Friends Project", in which all working and living on farms are motivated to stay focused on cleaning and properly dispose of waste; • "Project Clean Way", in partnership with the City Hall, which involves the care and cleaning of the road leading to the farms and also other rural roads in the city of Tres Pontas; • "My Backyard Project", which promotes the planting and care of the trees and is carried out by the families involved with the Farms. The project takes place in partnership with the State Institute of Forestry (IEF), which contributes with the annual donation of several tree seedlings that compose the biome of the region; • "Health Day", which includes periodic medical examinations and lectures for all staff and their families; • "Coffee with Prose Project", a chat with all the staff to talk and receive feedback on the developed activities; • "My Neighbor My Friend" program, which takes care of the development of the surrounding communities through questionnaires to understand the needs and expectations of rural dwellers, construction of school bus stops for children, improvements in roads and residents of the surrounding farms; • Periodic trainings and workshops carried out 6 to 7 times a year in all sectors; • Process of involving women and young people in the farms; • Sports projects; • Promotion of social gatherings, aiming the socialization of the team and their families through celebrations, celebrations and results presentation meetings. To learn more about the Sustainable Coffee Production in Farms wait for our next content.

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End-of-year 2018 Celebration

End of the year is time to celebrate the blessings received throughout the year. 2018 was a year of many accomplishments for the Farms Caxambu and Aracaçu, and nothing better than celebrating the good things that happen and strengthen the ties between all the peers involved in the coffee production process. To honor all employees, the Farms promoted various meetings with employees and their families. The intention was to celebrate all the achievements in the professional scope and also to thank each one of the employees, since the managers of the Farms believe that all type of work is important and must be recognized. They also believe that great dreams are built by the union of people around a common purpose, that for us it is to develop a coffee with more and more quality and flavor. "End-of-year celebrations are a time of festivity for us, where we consider spirituality and express our appreciation and gratitude for all that has been given to us this year", said Ucha.

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Farm Tours

Caxambu and Aracaçu Farms support important projects in the social, environmental and sports fields. Environmental projects include various activities and programs, and in this context, we can highlight the sighting of all animals that appear during the year on our areas. The monitoring is intended to control the presence or absence of the animals in the Farms and verify if they are breeding and or reappearing after periods of disappearance. "This year we had the presence of armadillo, marsh deer, seriema, blackbird and other animals, which are our friends of nature. Whenever possible, we record these amazing visits coming to us" said Ucha.

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