As a means of reinforcing their identity and positioning in the production of sustainable coffees within a regenerative and virtuous production model, the Caxambu and Aracaçu Farms now introduce pollination as a way of equalizing coffee production through the incorporation of bees in their production system.

An intelligent assisted pollination program, done in partnership with Agrobee that transparently optimizes such business for all the chains involved. A professional pollination plan, with the installation of colonies in the ideal conditions for bees to perform the best service for the coffee crops, presenting exceptional results both for the scientific community and for coffee growers and beekeepers.

We are regularly incorporating new sustainable technologies, pursuing the conservation of natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving climatic conditions, and Brazilian agricultural enterprises. A practice that only delivers benefits to the environment, adds value to the product as an additional factor to the production of coffee, contributes to the income of the beekeeper, and satisfies consumers around the globe.

By using a natural resource to guarantee good productivity and superior quality, we strengthen our commitment to producing food with a deep reverence for the environment, as well as forming a bond linking the coffee production chains and the beekeepers. Such proximity between different and interdependent chain links creates a relationship of reciprocal gains while also generating more jobs, better income distribution, and more wealth and sustainability for the Brazilian agribusiness.

We acknowledge that bees are potentially important to coffee growing practices and, so we have included pollination as a natural input - capable of generating a low carbon production while also being a potent sustainability tool with social, environmental and economic benefits. For us, investing in sustainability is a green practice that leads to economic, environmental, and social interests. Our maxim is to grow by producing sustainably.



Our organic compost production plant is a waste processing factory of residual transformation – a residue that is generated by all the cycles of our production system. A powerful plant which stimulates the development of countless and populous colonies of microorganisms that reflect the most incredible life form that is invisible to human eyes.

Along with organic and mineral manure, they use this powerful energy generated in the production of compost to break the molecular chains and offer in the new product the richest and most diverse nutrients capable of feeding and strengthening the plants. The residue itself, generated during the coffee production, then returns to the crops, promptly delivering life to the soil.

Sustainability is done with responsibility and commitment to the production of regenerative, healthy, and valuable food for human life.



Systematically, through the restoration processes of virtuous production cycles, we prepare at the Caxambu and Aracaçu Farms, the cradles for the renovation plantings of every year.

While the seeds awaken to their new forms of life and the seedlings develop gradually - following the time that is given for them to grow -, the home of these new "children" is already starting to be thoughtfully prepared.

Every year new cultivars arrive to enhance our products portfolio with the most diverse fragrances and the richest notes and nuances of unique, unforgettable flavors.